Re: Range Day April 2023 Bob Roach 08/29/2023 4:11 AM
I had another Range Day yesterday. The old XP100 is now set up with my Hunting Scope a Weaver Classic Extreme 2.5 - 10X. This is a 30mm Rifle Scope with fairly impressive eye relief on the lower power settings. We are starting up a Short Course Match at the Sportsman's Club. Guess who was put in charge of making this happen??
Who would have thought it, but I added both a Rimfire Handgun Division as well as a Centerfire Handgun Division.
I have been shooting the XP100 mostly at 100 yards. I did take it out to 300 the other day. I was hitting an 8" X 8" Diamond shaped plate about 1 out of 3 with a fair cross wind.
The Rimfire Divisions will be shooting on the 25 Bull IBS 50 yards Rimfire Target at 50 yards, as well as the 100 yard IBS target at 100 yards. I ended up dialing down 5 MOA to get on target at 50 yards. I set the ZERO at 50 yards, and dialed back up 5 MOA to check my 100 yard zero. I was starting to have extraction issues, so I took a minute to clean the barrel. I put a couple on a rock on the berm, then shot a group on a 5 Bull Target. The first three shots were not bad, but the next two went left. That sucked. Wind playing around.
It was getting late, and the wind slowed down or possibly stopped for a few minutes. I fired 3 more shots on another bull. My target had a 1/2" Black Bull in the center. The first two shots were dead in the middle cutting each other. Shot number 3 went Right a little opening the group up to what I estimate will measure just under .50. I did not even consider another two this time and messing up probably the best target I will ever shoot with this handgun up.
Not sure if I will be able to shoot the Match this Sunday, as I am running it. I believe the XP100 is ready.

Bob R
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