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Re: Time for another project Jeff460 09/27/2022 5:21 PM
Not a build by me. But a project nonetheless. Bought a Ruger GP100 22 LR revolver that holds 10 rounds in the cylinder. Sent it to Tyler Gun Works in Texas. Bobby Tyler and his gun smith employees performed an accuracy job and an action job on it. Also carry melt treated it. They beveled the front of the cylinder in a black powder fashion. I will give this to my youngest son so I had Tyler Gun Works hand engrave it tastefully.
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Re: Been Awhile reflex264 09/26/2022 1:29 PM
Yes that was Wooter's hock shop load.
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Re: Need a gunsmith Jeff460 09/26/2022 3:18 AM
M&L Gunsmith near Columbia Missouri is good. Have done work on my M&P 2.0 10mm with a 4.625 inch barrel and no safety lever. Also have done work on all my revolvers.
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Re: The Handgunner's Get Together 2022 Bob Roach 09/25/2022 3:29 AM
Tomorrow is the big day. I loaded 50 rounds for my 22 Nosler M48 this morning. I have 223 for the Contender, and 6.5CM for the second M48 loaded in the Jeep.
I wish that my XP100 in 22LR was finished, and ready to shoot.
Hope to see some of you in the morning.

Bob R
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Re: Just bought a BFR 500 JRH! jajwrigh 09/24/2022 9:41 PM
I finally had a chance to shoot this beast and was amazed at its accuracy. I tested both of the Buffalo Bore commercial loads and the difference between the two is pretty noticeable to say the least. I just loaded up some 440gr Cast Performace bullets over 10.0gr of HP38, hoping for 910fps. I think this will be plenty of horsepower for Indiana deer.
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Re: Getting Skeeter Skelton's gun ready to hunt Drycreek3189 09/22/2022 2:02 AM
Originally Posted by jajwrigh
Wow! That is awesome!

Yes it is ! I always loved Skeeterís writings, especially the stories of guys he shot with and hunted with.
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Re: young aoudad w/460 Drycreek3189 09/22/2022 1:56 AM
Congrats on the kill, shot placement looks perfect ! Where did you take that beast James ? Iím assuming some part of West Texas.
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Re: 223 Super 14 H2OBUG 09/19/2022 11:22 PM
Bob I have a 2.5-7 T/C illuminated scope I will be pulling off my XP if you have any interest in it.
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Re: Cast bullets from ported barrel ? Jeff460 09/18/2022 9:59 PM
Yes sir I have two. The jacketed bullet only muzzle brake and the cast bullet use muzzle brake. I use only the cast bullet muzzle brake because it seals the top ports and extends the port out in front of the front sight. Effectively making the 460V a truer five inch barrel and jacketed bullets shoot fine from it. My 460V was worked over by Cylinder and Slide including bead blasting the finish. And TK Custom altered the front of the cylinder to accept their stainless steel moon clips in 45 ACP. Using Starline brass the 460 Rowland, 45 Super and 45 Winchester magnum cartridges all fit the 45 ACP moon clip. I also had installed a Cylinder and Slide extra long firing pin so rimmed cartridges do not need a moon clip spacer for reliability.
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Re: 460 S&W Jeff460 09/17/2022 9:20 PM
This is Jeff460 and I own a much customized 460V S&W X-frame magnum. With a five inch muzzle brake equipped barrel and full lug barrel profile it weighs just a pinch over 60 ounces unloaded. I sent my cylinder to TK Custom for alteration to use their stainless steel moon clips. The 45 ACP moon clip also holds the 460 Rowland, 45 Super and the 45 Winchester magnum using Starline brass reloads. A Cylinder and Slide extra long firing pin was installed and that made shooting rimmed cartridges without a moon clip fire just fine. So 460 S&W magnum, 454 Casull, 45 Colt, 45 Schofield and 45 Autorim all work without having to use a moon clip spacer. I highly recommend TK Custom for their work and service in this project. They make tough stainless steel moon clips. I use their loading tool and unloading tool though to save my fingers.
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Re: 460 Rowland Blackhawk scored jajwrigh 09/15/2022 4:11 AM
That is great shooting right there. Wow...
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7 mm BR loads H2OBUG 09/14/2022 12:45 AM
I loaded some Peterson brass today for my 7 mm BR XP. This is the third one in 7 BR I have had but it has been a while since I have loaded for this gun.
I loaded 120 & 140 NBTs over H4895
Did 30 gr on the 140s 32 on the 120s
In the new unfired Peterson brass this was compressed on both.
Donít think I am in any danger as I am a bit below max I am a bit concerned as I think the Peterson brass may not have as much capacity as the old Remington Brass.

Anyone done this ? shooting Friday we will see
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Re: nilgi- old post reflex264 09/12/2022 9:07 PM
I heard they are delicious as well.
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Re: 22LR XP100 Build Bob Roach 09/11/2022 1:36 PM
I have been doing some thinking. I believe I will do a good cleaning on my Take-Off Barrel today. The Gun Smith will be open Monday. I will have him bore scope the barrel after getting it spotless and make sure it is not a Tomato Stake. I would rather find this out now, and have time to order a new barrel, than wait until I have all the parts to find out my old barrel is junk. I have high hopes the take off barrel shortened from both ends will be fine.
Best to know for sure however.

Bob R
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Re: New Tower Stand for 2022 Deer Season Bob Roach 09/09/2022 11:37 AM
We got back on the project again. My brothers Compact Tractor was low on hydraulic fluid and quit going up about Eight Inches short of getting the legs under it. We had never added hydraulic fluid to it, and had to do lots of research on what to use with the dealership 50 miles away and closed on Sunday. The fluid we came up with on Sunday afternoon ended up being more than double the cost of factory fluid at the dealership. Who would have thought the dealership fluid would be cheaper by that much? We needed to return the Bob-Cat Fork Lift attachment Monday, so lifting it with the compact tractor is not going to happen.

We got my old John Deere serviced and running last Sunday. I had not had it started all Summer. I will swap the bucket out for bale spikes this weekend. I am pretty sure that it will lift high enough. If not we can always put the legs on with the stand laying on its side and lift it high enough to winch it on up with the Warne Winch on the Jeep Wrangler.

With luck we will not be rained out this weekend.

Bob R
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Re: hunting autos Jeff460 09/06/2022 7:31 PM
I bought a M&P 2.0 10mm with a 4.625 inch barrel and no safety lever. Might try hunting with it one day but bought it for my Security Guard job as my open carry defense weapon. Put a Holosun 508T solar panel backup red dot on my gun using a C&H Precision aluminum mounting plate and their stainless steel screws and blue loc-tite to lock her down good.
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Re: Blackhawk RMR Mount 98Redline 09/05/2022 8:21 PM
I have one of the EGW mounts on my 44mag Redhawk. It is the same mount for both applications.

As delivered, the single screw mount, it is plenty secure. My 5 1/2" redhawk has seen countless full power magnum rounds and the mount is still tight and secure.

[Linked Image from]
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