44 Caliber 275 grain

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44 Caliber 275 grain - 05/25/2020 10:24 PM

Another forum member, Franchise, was inquiring about a post he had read concerning a 44 cal 275 grain JHP. To my knowledge I think that I'm the only one to have posted something on these, so even though I PM'd him on the matter, I thought it would be nice to share what I know, or don't know about them. I think it was back in the 90's when a mail order/online company advertised these bullets for bulk purchase. I can't remember whether they were listed as blems, over runs, discontinued, or any details for that matter. I also don't recall that they specifically said anything about being made by Hornady or that they were XTPs. I do remember seeing the picture and saying to myself that they really looked like an XTP, and that I always considered 260 to 280 grains an ideal weight for the 44 magnum. On the left is a 240 grain, center a 275 grain, and on the right a 300 grain.

Hornday had long made the 265 grain FP for use in the 444 Marlin, but it's construction is pretty tough and doubtful to expand at 44 magnum revolver velocities. I placed an order for 1 or 2 thousand, again I can't remember the details, and when they arrived I worked up a load for my S&W 629 PC Hunter. I have a target somewhere that shows I put 12 consecutive shots into a little over 2 inches at 50 yards off sand bags, with velocity around 1275 fps. This became my hunting load for this revolver until I traded it off for something else. I took a few deer with it, and they usually fell at the shot or stumbled and fell within 20 yards or so. Never recovered a bullet. Fast forward a few years and I have since acquired several more 44 magnums and decided to try the same load in them.

The FA shot the load just as well as the departed S&W PC, maybe just a tad better. The SSK Contender likes it, and really improves on the velocity with the longer barrel and lack of a barrel cylinder gap. The S&W 629 Classic with 8 3/8 inch barrel likes it as well, but it is a stout load and I like my N frames, so I use 240 grainers in it.

I worked up a load for my 12 inch T/C Contender barrel (non hunter version), using Lil Gun and a Lee Auto Disk powder measure. Good accuracy, and one less step in the loading process using the Auto Disk. Velocity was a little lower than the W296 load but still potent.

Since I have never recovered a bullet from an animal, I decided to expansion test them into my standard of 3 one gallon water jugs backed up by a box of rags to catch the bullet. Testing was done at 50 yards. The one on the left had a muzzle velocity of 1275 fps (revolver), and the one on the right was 1465 fps (Contender).

Here is a photo for comparison. Starting on the left is a 44 mag loaded with the 240 grain, 240 grain, 275 grain, 300 grain, and on the right is a loaded round with the 275 grain. Overall length of the 240 and 275 grain rounds are the same.

Remaining supply of one time purchase from almost 30 years ago.

Sorry James, I don't think I can spare any. If anybody else has some info on these, I would sure like to here about it.
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Re: 44 Caliber 275 grain - 05/26/2020 3:19 AM

Thank you so much for providing this information and these pictures. I had never heard of any other jacketed 275 gr HP'S other than the Remington line of Core-Lockt handgun ammunition from the late 90's. These are obviously XTP'S, which I find really cool...I'm kind of a bullet nut, and these I had never heard of. Thank you again! This information is AWESOME!
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Re: 44 Caliber 275 grain - 05/26/2020 8:34 PM

Damn! I thought I was the only person that had 30 year old bullets and ammo.
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Re: 44 Caliber 275 grain - 05/26/2020 9:31 PM

Awesome info! I didn't know XTP's where around back in the day!
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Re: 44 Caliber 275 grain - 05/27/2020 12:28 AM

They had to be introduced around the same time as the 275gr CoreLocts.....
PS- looks like you`ll be shootin 275XTP`s for a long time
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