WY-SHOT Update

Posted By: Ernie

WY-SHOT Update - 05/08/2021 11:45 PM

2021 WY-SHOT Update:
There will be no class for newer shooters on Saturday before the match this year.
There will not be an extra pd shooting day on Thursday.
New shooters can go out on Sunday afternoon (June 20th) after 1:00 and work on shooting fundamentals, and or they can head out to the ranch early on Monday morning before the match.
On Sunday, June 20th, a group will head out to the ranch at 1:00 for checking zero’s and drops. A few pd’s may be calling your name as well that afternoon.
On that same Sunday evening, there will be a shooters meeting at 7:00 PM outside, weather permitting just west of my house in the parking lot.
If there is bad weather, we will meet in the fellowship room just west of my house.
This will be a time to sign release forms, get t-shirts, caps, and information.
On Tuesday evening, there will be a meal and a awards ceremony for the Steel match at the same park as last year. The park is located between the city pool and Twin Spruce Junior High.
It is about 4-5 blocks from my house.
If you do not have my address or contact information yet, message me, and I will get that to you.
For those who do not come in until late Sunday evening, you can go out with me on Monday morning. If, you do not know the way to the ranch, I will be leaving from my house at 7:00AM.

We will gather for Monday’s “Short Course” (There is more closer targets on day 1 than on day 2…) at 9:30AM, at the same location as last year.
Newcomers and return shooters who were not able to make it last year, it is easy to find.
We have our largest group ever, and I want to be considerate of our time.
There will be a porta-potty at the shooting match area each day.
You are responsible for your own lunch.
Eye and ear protection is required.
Stay hydrated, and bring sunscreen, and bug spray.
There will be some change ups, to keep things fresh.
There will be shoot-offs for any tie for the Short Course, Long-Course, and the Overall, if needed.
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Re: WY-SHOT Update - 05/14/2021 11:20 AM

I have 56 WY-SHOT t-shirts.
Every participant will get a t-shirt.
I will have new caps as well, with two color options (Brown and Blue).
If you want a cap, it is $12.
I know some folks who cannot attend, will want a shirt or a cap, or possibly both.
Get with me after WY-SHOT, and I will get you taken care of.
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Re: WY-SHOT Update - 05/24/2021 9:49 PM

Shoot-Off Procedure In The Event Of A Tie
If there is a tie for the Short Course, Long Course, or for the Overall, a shoot-off can be requested, if one desires it.
If the other party does not want to do a shoot-off, then the one who requested it will be placed higher than the one they tied with.
The range officer in charge will choose one of the stages that was shot on previously that day, and the shooters who tied, will both set-up to shoot that stage.
They can each request the spotter of their choice.
The first shooter to miss a target, that the other shooter hits, will take the lower place.
From a flip of the coin or if the shooters agree, which one will go first (Shooter A) will shoot target #1 first.
Immediately after Shooter A fires and hits the target, then Shooter B will shoot the target.
If, they both hit target #1, then Shooter B, will fire first for target #2.
If, they both hit target #2, then Shooter A will go first for target #3
This rotation continues until, one of them misses a target.
If both miss the same target, then they will re-engage that same target.
Whoever misses first, on the second try at that same target, will take the lower place.
If they both hit the target on the second shot, then they go to the next target.
If, they finish the entire stage tied, they will re-shoot the entire stage over-one at a time, and the placement will be determined, both by the fastest time, if they hit the same number of targets, or the first miss.
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