The petty quarreling that has been going on between some of the members here lately has been carefully discussed by the administrators.

We are not going to just ban somebody from this site at this time, even though that is what some of those involved have suggested. If you feel this may pertain to you, you are probably correct. So consider this advance notice to reconsider how your words that you post may be interpreted by others. If they are meant with questionable intentions or could be interpreted as such, don't post them. There is a difference between constructive criticism of an idea and a personal affront.

We talked to and/or received pm's from several of you and the facts that came out point to interactions between members stemming from certain hunts shared in the past. Meaning that they have disputes arising from personal situations that should not be brought up on these public boards.

If you take issue with someone on a fundamental level, you can click on their username, open their profile, and select "Ignore This User" so you never have to read their posts again.

If you guys want to fight, keep it behind the scenes. Don't bring it here.

If you continue to do so, there will be some people leaving.

Written and approved by Chance Weldon and Gregg Richter