1. Have a concise title describing what it is you're selling. Specify manufacturer, model number, caliber, or other specs. For example, don't say "44 Ruger". Say Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Magnum - 7.5" barrel. Be as descriptive with the title as you can but still fit within the character limit. You can further describe it in the post itself, but let anyone viewing the thread titles know exactly what it is you're selling.

2. Handguns or handgun hunting related items (barrels, optics, accessories, brass, bullets, ammo) only. PM me if you have another requests that you're unsure of.

3. Make sure you can trust the person you're selling to or buying from. My ability to help you if someone scams you will be minimal, and I won't be held responsible for another person's actions.

4. Failure to uphold your end of the deal will result in a ban.

5. I will tentatively allow links to auction websites if you follow certain criteria: add pictures directly to your post; have the auction website in your title - "Ebay", "Gunbroker" - followed by the item name.

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