Over the years I have discovered that I end up cleaning my firearms more regularly when I do it at the Range when I am done shooting.
First I came up with a small Tool Box to hold my Kit. The one I came up with is a Stanley approximately 15" Long, 7-1/2" Wide, and 6-1/2" Tall. I considered a 50 Cal Ammo Can that I have used before, and determined that it was really a little too tall to be as handy as I wanted this More Perfected Kit to end up being.
I have discovered over the years some things that need addressed with the Range Cleaning Box Design. Mainly the Oil's and Solvent Bottles ending up on their side. This leads to empty bottles as well as a mess in the Box. Doing a little thinking about this I came up with a solution. I cut up a few pieces of 1-1/2" and 2" PVC SCH 40 Pipe into 2" long sections. One lone piece of 1-1/2" I cut 3" long. I dry fit all the pieces of pipe in the box to determine exactly how I wanted everything positioned. I next removed the pipe sections from the box keeping them in order by size.
Next I mixed up about 3/4's of the two containers of PC7 Epoxy Putty mix. In hind sight I should have emptied both containers. This stuff is stiff and hard to work. Make sure that you have a STEEL Putty Knife to mix it with, Plastic won't cut it. Once mixed I put a layer under where the pipe pieces will go approximately 1/4" deep. I then set the pipe pieces into the epoxy putty to set up.

I have been keeping you wondering what ALL of the pipe pieces are for.
Starting Left to Right:
#1 is a 2" Pipe holding a large Pill Bottle filled with Q-Tips
#2 is a 2" Pipe holding a large Pill Bottle filled with 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" Cleaning Patch's
#3 is a 2" Pipe holding a large Pill Bottle filled with 1-3/4" Cleaning Patch's
#4 is a 1-1/2" Pipe holding a small Pill Bottle filled with 1-1/4" Cleaning Patch's
#5 is a 1-1/2" Pipe holding a small Bottle of Hoppe's Gun Oil. (The bottle was the right size to fit the pipe)
#6 is a 2" Pipe holding a Glass Bottle filled with Hoppe's #9 Solvent. This bottle is the size you can put a patch over the opening and put your thumb on it to get the patch wet. Hoppe's used to come in a bottle like the one I located.
#7 is around the corner in the box. This is the 1-1/2" Pipe that is 3" Long. This one holds a tube of Lucas Gun Grease "Tip Up" for the Bolt Lugs, Hinge Pins, etc.

Next will be the Caliber Specific Cleaning Gear. Case Guard makes a small utility box (UB-1-24) the ones I have are Clear Blue. These box's are 4" long, 2" wide, and 1-1/2" tall. I mark the caliber in Magic Marker on the Top of each box. Each box holds a Brush and Patch Jag. I leave the .224 and 6.5mm in the box, as that covers most of what I am currently shooting. I also have the two Allen Wrench's that adjust the trigger on my Nosler M48's in each box used for the Noslers so that I do not need to hunt them up when needed.

Next will be the Bore Guide. I have several Possum Hollow Guides. The ones for my 22 Nosler and 6.5 Creedmoor pretty much live in the box.
I have a Brass Military Style Pistol Brush. It is 12" long with a Loop End. I use this cleaning rod with the 2-1/2" Cleaning Patch's to wipe out the chamber.
I have a Tee Handle Allen Wrench to remove the Chassis Screws on my M48's.
I also have a T15 Screw Driver that fits my Scope Screws.
I have a Quart Zip Loc Bag with some folded 1/2 Size Paper Towels to wipe the Cleaning Rods.
A Brite Compact Flash Light. Not used for cleaning, but handy when I need a light to adjust the scope, or what ever I need to see better.
The last item in the box is a spare Chamber Flag. I keep one in each M48 Pistol Case for Range Use. The one in the cleaning kit is a spare.

Not in the Box are my Cleaning Rods. Finding a Cleaning Rod in a handy length for Contenders, Encores, and Bolt Guns, can be a head ache. I came up with a couple that I am totally happy with. The PRO SHOT One Piece Stainless Steel Rod. The SS Rod's measures 26" Useable Length, Plus the Roller Handle. I have TWO that cover all of my Centerfire Single Shot Handguns. The smaller one covers .224 - .26 Caliber, and the Larger One covers .27 and UP. Better Yet they are made in the good old USA.
PROSHOTPRODUCTS.com (217) 824-9133

Better Cleaning Kits probably exist, but I am happy with how this one has turned out. I have made up a couple other variations of Cleaning Kits over the years, this is my best set up to date.

Bob R

See You At The Range