Dan ole boy. I was just kinda making a funny about pistolHNTR on the flowers is all. I was just kinda curious about his 458 American is all.
BUT since you chimed in I really think that if he lives in Calif. the weather may possible be ok. I also think that if he said he would get back in a week he should at least post if he couldn't. He must be proud of it or he wouldn't have posted a pic of it several weeks back at which time I posted that I would like more info on it and he said he would test some which and would post it which he never has.
In reality I am not really even curious that much because I know it is a tad more than a hot loaded 45/70 but since he had one I was kinda wanting to get the scoop from someone who actually has one.
If he doesn't have the time or the weather is bad he could at least post concerning that. I know he doesn't have too but what is a mans word worth?
I just kinda wanted him maybe to know in a fun way that I am still interested in his fine looking Bolt Pistol that so many like to bash.
By the way it too me all of a very few minuted to log on type this post and submit it. If a man has so little time that he can't do that maybe one should rethink his schedule.


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