Shoot-Off Procedure In The Event Of A Tie
If there is a tie for the Short Course, Long Course, or for the Overall, a shoot-off can be requested, if one desires it.
If the other party does not want to do a shoot-off, then the one who requested it will be placed higher than the one they tied with.
The range officer in charge will choose one of the stages that was shot on previously that day, and the shooters who tied, will both set-up to shoot that stage.
They can each request the spotter of their choice.
The first shooter to miss a target, that the other shooter hits, will take the lower place.
From a flip of the coin or if the shooters agree, which one will go first (Shooter A) will shoot target #1 first.
Immediately after Shooter A fires and hits the target, then Shooter B will shoot the target.
If, they both hit target #1, then Shooter B, will fire first for target #2.
If, they both hit target #2, then Shooter A will go first for target #3
This rotation continues until, one of them misses a target.
If both miss the same target, then they will re-engage that same target.
Whoever misses first, on the second try at that same target, will take the lower place.
If they both hit the target on the second shot, then they go to the next target.
If, they finish the entire stage tied, they will re-shoot the entire stage over-one at a time, and the placement will be determined, both by the fastest time, if they hit the same number of targets, or the first miss.

Ernie the Un-Tactical