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Hate to say it, but start calling stores in Anchorage, find some powder thatís available, purchase it, and do the drive. I always had a list of things to ďpick upĒ in Anchorage, and usually did a Costco trip once a month as well. Ya just canít get everything you want across the inlet.

I try not to make it to Anchorage often but when I do I check everywhere I can, Great Northern Guns was about the best bet before they closed last fall but theybwould not let you pay by CC and hold it for even a day, Face to face only, I do have friends that check the normal places for me every time they go up,
Sportsmans Warehouse got some in this week but nothing useable in the 375. They did have 1 pound of BLC-2 I can use in the 308 Encore & some H-110. Since you can only purchase 1# total per day I took the BLC-2. If there is any H-110 left tomorrow I will grab a pound.
And nice little earthquake while typing, Guessing about a 5,0, You miss them? :-)

Vance in AK.

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